How would you like to finally get unstuck FOREVER and activate your calling, your Passion, your Mission, your Business in
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Are You Ready To [Unwrap Your Gift] ... Stop Throwing Your Hard Earned Cash Into Programs That Aren't Working For You ... Finally Experience Free Flow ... In Your Cash Flow?

Here Is What You Will Discover

  • Discover The WHO FACTOR™ to Unlock Your Missing Message
  • NewNorm Release™ Finally create the life you wanted before the Pandemic. 
  • ​UnFakeID™ Discover Your True Core and DNA Strands That Make Up Your Calling.
  • ​Break The Pivot CODE ™ Discover How To Understand The Signs When It Is Time To Shift.
  • CrownSciouness™ Discover How To Unwrap Your Originality. 

4 Hours of Non-Stop Transformation

Join me Saturday May 22nd 9am-1 pm cst for 4 [High Energy] transformational hours inside of the unprecedented event: THE WHO FACTOR ™.
It is not the how... or the thing, that you do, anymore than it is the color of your skin... or gender that will keep you stuck. It is something much deeper. It is ... your association with
the [Fake ID].
This Is The One Event Where People Are  Discovering The Root of Cause & Effect of What Controls Your Life, and How To Master It Using Your Own ID Card. , 
Dr. Faye (DrFaye) Wilson is a highly respected CEO of New Covenant Television Network (NCTN) impacting the world with her influence as a sought after Global Anointed Messenger.  She is a Multi-Media Personality with a strong and consistent passion to empower men and women with Spiritual Mental, and Emotional Healing. Qualified with a Doctorate in Holistic Theology, her modalities are used to delayer and strengthen the Spirit, Soul and Body. Thereby, creating a space for major and cataclysmic shifts in individuals.

As a Spiritual Personal Development Coach and Strategist many testify to learning how to live fully and love unconditionally in their every day, waking, walking and talking lives. As a Television Talk Show Host, she engages men and women from every genre to share their stories and ignite passion into her audiences around the world.

She is the Chancellor for the Global Academy International a fully accredited online Bible College. DrFaye and her team of passionate believers are focused on the mission to teach, train and deploy men and women to live the life they were born to live.

Her passion and influence have landed her guest spots on syndicated national and international Radio and Television Talks and News Shows including Chicago Morning News, Malcolm Out Loud, The Jim Brickman Show, Rhett Palmer “The Mayor of the Airways”, IHeart Radio

Disclaimer - This challenge is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to starting a successful freelance business.
Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the challenge, a program will be offered for those who want to learn
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